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We share our expertise with  mission driven organizations and individuals engaged in education, entrepreneurial and social justice work.  We help strengthen your capacity to increase your social and financial impact and to improve your organizational capabilities.

Strategy Consulting for Social Entrepreneurs, Social Enterprises and Non-profits

Ready to move forward with your idea to meet a need in your community?  We provide customized expert consulting for nonprofits and social enterprises.  We help you develop clear goals and effective strategies to meet them. Together, we help you develop a strategic roadmap that is adaptive and flexible.  We help you plan for your success and sustainability. 

Training:  Earned income strategies.

We show organizations how to meet social justice goals through entrepreneurship and earned income strategies.  We analyze your readiness, brainstorm ideas, assess the feasibility of those ideas.  You will learn about business planning and develop action steps to move forward.


I speak and coach on the following topics:  

*Doing business in Cameroon

*Finding and doing work you love

*Working and living in Cameroon

*Travel, work and higher educational interests in the United States of America

​​Contact me today.  I look forward to serving you.

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